Anonymous said: How are you so good at design and making themes?? Everything you make is amazing!

Ahh wow, well I started making simple websites when I was 13 and I really enjoyed it, I just try to make what I thinks looks good but I’m still always improving, it makes me really happy when other people like it too though!

Anonymous said: ahh hi! i just wanted to say that i really love your pixel art and i think u are super cool ok have a good day/night!

I will have an amazing night thanks to you yes (•̀ᴗ•́)و

Anonymous said: Are you attending school right now? What are you studying?

I’m just taking math right now but I’m planning on going to school next year in programming (web), this means I’ll have time to work on a game this fall!!


pallet town

Anonymous said: I saw you posted a pic of your Eurasier, just a question since I'm thinking of getting the breed; What's it like owning an eurasier? Is it true that they are generally very calm, especially around strangers? =)

They are usually reserved towards strangers (meaning they just don’t care about strangers, they are not shy or scared of strangers), my eurasier loved strangers but she was one of a kind

I recommend visiting a kennel to ask them questions and meet the dogs even if you don’t end up buying a puppy from them, it’s the best way to find out if the breed is for you :)

Anonymous said: i really dont know if anybody has told you this already but I really think that you could make a game with that one pixel gif with the ghost and the quote!! i seriously thought it was a game for a second and I think it would have a lot of potential;;;; just to let you know!! and all your works are great~

Fun fact it’s actually concept art for a game I want to make!! I’m trying to get better at it so hopefully the final game will look a lot better

I’ve always wanted to make a deep psychological horror game and hopefully I will succeed one day

my new character stella, maybe she’ll be in a game soon??