basicdeluxe said: I approve of your fanatic Kirby love!

I don’t trust people who dislike kirby

Anonymous said: when are you going to start posting again on your ac blog (i dont have a tumblr and anon is turned off on there so i cant ask anywhere but here)

I have so much I have to do still but omg I miss playing New Leaf I’ll get back to it as soon as I have time to sit down and play


Please play and vote for our game ENTITY! It still needs votes, we want it to win, after all! Voting stops at the end of July!
I saw some people draw her, and I wanted to do it too!! I mean, I made the graphics and the design for her and all, but I never drew her full body view, haha.

Anonymous said: So, question, I have played the game entity (good job, by the way) often enough now that I usually die in a zerg rush of too many monsters to make them all go away, is this normal? Also, is there a list of monsters, because I haven't seen the one on the last page next to the shadow lady, and I am seriously curious. Anyway, I found your game trough Sixpenceee, thanks for making an enjoyable thing.

Yes, if you know how to defeat everything the game gets a lot easier especially when you have a lot of monsters coming at you at the same time, the Monster Book contains a list of all monsters and if you’ve beaten the game the last page should be filled in!

Anonymous said: hi i just wanted to congratulate you on your game!! its really really cool! ive already voted for it on that contest, and idk i kinda just wanted to encourage you to keep creating games bc wow theyre rlly cool okay bye /

ohh my thank you so much and thanks to everyone else who voted, your votes means everything to our future (we already have something planned yes), thank you for the support!!

Anonymous said: downloaded version still freezes, but much less frequently than before

Maybe your computer doesn’t have enough ram and makes it freeze like that, I’ll look more into it when I can though, we can’t really update our game until the contest is over anyway

Anonymous said: i'm using the latest version of chrome and the game keeps locking up randomly for me, i think the time it stays frozen correlates to how long the game's been running

I have no idea why it does that for you, have you tried the download version?

Anonymous said: Hello, I wanted to ask if the thing at the end of the Entity game has a name or if it is supposed to remain a mystery

It’s a mystery for now…